CBD oil: Stress and anxiety reduction for cats

CBD is a popular health and wellness supplement. But, did you know that there is an increasing body of scientific evidence pointing to the potential of CBD for cats and other animals? CBD is a naturally safe and may offer pet owners a way to improve their cats’ health. As more people become aware of CBD’s non-intoxicating properties, they may decide to try cbd oil for cats and reap the benefits.

  • Cats are sensitive, and they like dogs can become anxious and jumpy around new people or situations. Changes in their food, home, and general environment can throw them off their usual form and raise their stress levels, which can lead to physical symptoms. Although your cat cannot communicate that it is stressed, owners may notice changes in their body language and behaviour. Dilated pupils, high blood pressure, heavier breathing, and an elevated heart rate are all symptoms of stress.
  • They may become anxious, refuse to enter or leave a specific area of the house, or alter their eating and litter box habits. Using CBD oil for cats with anxiety may be an option for your feline family member after a veterinarian rules out any potential medical issues. Many pet owners use cbd oil for cats for anxious cats because it is an all-natural solution that veterinarians may recommend4 due to its calming effects.

One advantage of CBD oil for anxious cats is that you can give it to them right before a stressful event. If car rides and veterinary appointments, for example, are triggers for your cat, giving them a dose an hour before you leave the house can make the experience better for everyone.

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