Why Break Ups Don’t Always Have to Be Hostile

Any kind of disappointment that you suffer from is liable to make you rather hostile at this current point in time, especially when you realize that you don’t have all that much control when it comes to reversing the disappointment and frustration. Break ups are a great example of situations wherein people can get quite nasty with each other. This isn’t just restricted to the time period in which the break up is occurring either, since suffice it to say that these hostilities can often end up lasting well into the future.

The thing is, there is no need to be so angry with someone just because they broke up with you. It’s possible to be on good terms with your ex girlfriend without a shadow of a doubt, and we would urge you to consider this because holding on to your negative thoughts is definitely going to hurt you and they might also spill out to hurt other people that are around you as well. While you are well within your rights to be aggressive with an ex who hurt you by being manipulative or abusive, most break ups don’t involve things like this and they are instead a byproduct of two people simply growing apart from one another.

Hence, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that break ups are just a natural part of life. You can choose to keep repeating your cycle of grief and self pity, but this will eventually turn you into a very bitter person that no one likes to be around. It might not be possible to be friends with your ex, but you can definitely be civil.

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