Can Coinbase Take Your Money

Any industry that sees a sudden uptick in the number of people who are interested in it would inevitably find scams entering into the fray as well. There is no real way to avoid scams, and you can see this in history as well when regular commerce started to become commonplace in a particular type of area. Human nature is inherently selfish, and this means that we would never hesitate to take steps to scam one another so long as these scams help us to earn a little bit of money to get buy.

This phenomenon applies to crypto just as much as it does to anything else, and you should know that many supposedly legitimate crypto exchanges have ended up taking all of the money that people had invested into them. You would never want to go through anything of this sort, so you should read welpmagazine so that you can ascertain the truth of the matter at hand. Coinbase is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, but regardless of that you might be afraid of whether or not they would take your funds since so many other popular exchanges were more than happy to do so.


The good news here is that Coinbase is a perfectly legitimate and trustworthy type of exchange. They will only ever take your money in situations wherein the authorities have a legal warrant that they have issued against you, and if you think about it this is not different from what banks do when they are forced to comply. Coinbase will never take your funds just to enrich itself, and even if served a court order the funds will be frozen not confiscated.

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