How to use two built-in screen-reading capabilities on a Windows PC.

An application named Narrator in Windows can read any text on the screen aloud. Narrator is a built-in accessibility tool for Windows that you may activate via the Start menu or a keyboard shortcut. How to Windows articles You may also set Windows to automatically run Narrator whenever you turn on your computer. When you launch a new window or application, Narrator will begin reading aloud all of the content. You may change the way Narrator operates to get to the material you want to read aloud more quickly.

Narrator, a screen reader and text-to-speech tool in Windows, has been around for a long time. This program can read aloud web pages, text documents, and other files, as well as any action you perform on Windows. It’s intended for the visually challenged, but anyone may use it. The Narrator function is the same in Windows 10 and 11, however the settings and setup windows are different.

How to use Narrator to have Windows read text aloud

  1. Double-check that you’re in Scan Mode by pressing Caps Lock + Spacebar and making sure the Narrator says “Scan.”
  2. If “Scan off” appears, press the shortcut again.
  3. Using the Up and Down arrow keys, you may ask Narrator to read anything in the selected window on-screen once you’re in Scan Mode.
  4. Move about the screen with the arrow keys, and Narrator will read the selected text.
  5. You may also ask Narrator to read certain characters in words by clicking on the word you want to hear.
  6. To move between characters individually, press Ctrl+Left arrow and Ctrl+Right arrow.

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