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Tommy KOTommy was to quick with his hands that he KO this guy and "walked" across the cage to celebrate his victory before this guy hit the ground! Congrats to Tommy Guerrero on his KO of the night!










Audrey Alvarez Paragon BJJ FCFACongrats to Audrey Alvarez on her 2nd round WIN via ref stoppage due to strikes and to Adrian Barrera 3rd round win via RNC sub tonight in Kileen, TX...FCFA doing big things!
















Paragon Texas State Champs 2012WE WON STATE! Paragon Texas is the 2012 TEXAS STATE CHAMPS! With it being the largest tournament in Texas History (900+ competitors), we won by almost double the points! Congrats to "ALL" Paragon Texas Competitors and coaches and parents who supported thier children (we know it get's expensive with gas, hotel, food and hours on the road)...also big shout to Seth Daniels and Brett Boyce and all the BJJ Schools in Texas that are not Paragon...we share this cup with you guys and gals...Check out the write up on TXMMA.COM! and the results on Fight To Win!


25 GOLD:

Lora Hallock - Gi/ Won Belt
Dashawn Mohamad - NoGi
Elvis Gonzalez - NoGi
Will Florez Jr - NoGi
Abraham Osornio - NoGi
Austin Adkins - NoGi
Dashawn Mohamad - Gi
Elvis Gonzales - Gi
Abraham Osornio Gonzales - Gi
Austin Adkins - Gi
Gordy Garcia - Gi
Juan Gonzales - NoGi
Matt Hernandez - NoGi
Matt Hernandez - NoGi Heavier Weight Class
Rene Bautista - Gi
Enrique Gonzales - Gi
Matt Hernandez - Gi
Juan Gonzales - Gi
Lora Hallock - NoGi
Lora Hallock - Gi
Raphael Lopez Jr - NoGi
Gino Ferrazano - NoGi
Roger Navarez - NoGi
Jose Portillo - Gi

23 Silver:

Fred Reyes - Gi
Caleb Cruz - NoGi
Roger Narvaez - Gi
Laura Pena - NoGi
Benjamin Wimberly - NoGi
Oliver Tyrie - NoGi
Gordy Garcia - NoGi
Caleb Cruz - Gi
Sean Gonales - Gi
Brandon Ben-David - Gi
Bruce Ferguson - Gi
Christian Konoval - Gi
Jorge Padilla - Gi
Aj Castillo - NoGi
Christain Ortega - NoGi
Enrique Gonzales - NoGi
Erica Flores - Gi
Danny Encinia - NoGi
Erik Perez - NoGi
Dennis Kim - Gi
Michael Esquivel - Gi
Tony Casarez - Gi
Roger Navarez - Gi

19 Bronze:

Sean Gonzalez - NoGi
Brandon Ben-David - NoGi
Jamez Ramon - NoGi
Damian Gomez - NoGi
Jorge Padilla - NoGi
Victor Vicharelli - NoGi
Ezekiel Coss - NoGi
Talane Mohammad - Gi
Jorge Jenkins - Gi
Zeke Coss - Gi
Benjamin Humada - Gi
Christian Ortega - Gi
Brenda Rodriguez - NoGi
Erica Flores - NoGi
Daniel Mirelez - NoGi
Steven Gonzales - Gi
Daniel Mireles - Gi
Jose Murillo - Gi
Danny Encinia - Gi


NAGA 2012 Paragon TexasCongrats to Paragon Texas on thier well deserved victories this past weekend at the NAGA Grappling Championship in Houston, TX! With outstanding performances with the kids and adults we manage to take 5th place out of 70+ teams! Lots of swords and belts were taken back to Corpus and surrounding Paragon Schools as well...Congrats!

22 GOLD:

Marc Espinosa - Gi 
Lora Hallock - Gi/ Won Belt
Michael Esquivell II - Gi
Erik Perez - Gi
Tony Casarez - NoGi
Erik Perez - NoGi
Diego Sanchez - NoGi
Roel Gonzalez - Gi
Jaymez Ramon - Gi
Jose Garcia - Gi
Alec Sanchez - Gi
Oliver Tyrie - Gi
Caleb Cruz - Gi
Jaymez Ramon - NoGi
Jose Garcia - NoGi
Alec Sanchez - NoGi
Jacob Sanchez Jr. - NoGi/ Won Belt
Christian Vasquez - Gi
Enrique Gonalez - Gi
Emalie Gonzalez - Gi
Enrique Gonzalez - NoGi

21 Silver:

Robert Cardenas - NoGi
Lora Hallock - NoGi
David Waters - Gi
Joshua Reyes- Gi
Billy Walker - Gi
Fred Reyes - Gi
Danny Encina - Gi
Roel Gonzalez - NoGi
Caleb Cruz - NoGi
Nicholos Tijerina - Gi
Jacob Sanchez Jr - Gi
Christian Vasquez - NoGi
Ben Humada - Gi
Roel Gonzalez - NoGi
Diego Sanchez - Gi
Austin Adkins - Gi
Matt Hernandez - NoGi
Matt Hernandez - Gi
Daniel Alvarez - Gi
Steven Santos - Gi
Daniel Alvarez - NoGi
Emalie Gonzalez - NoGi

6 Bronze:

Joshua Reyes - NoGi
Travis Faris - NoGi
Travis Faris - Gi
Daniel Hebert - Gi
Austin Adkins - NoGi
Steven Santos - NoGi


Tommy Guerrero Paragon BJJ FCFACongrat to Tommy Guerrero on his MMA debut winning via triangle-armbar in the 2nd round! Expect a bright future for this Alice, Texas guy....FCFA!









Roger Narvaez Paragon BJJ FCFACongrats to FCFA at STFC in McAllen, TX tonight! Roger Narvaez won 2nd round TKO, Jimmy Flick won 2nd round VonFlue Choke, Hector Munoz won 3rd round RNC! It was an honor cornering you guys..Triple header FCFA! Check out thier new MMA 101 classes at Paragon!















Eric Perez GoldCongrats to my students that competed today at the IBJJF Houtson Open this past weekend...4 Competitors...5 medals...proud of you guys! Also congrats to Paragon Austin and Paragon Laredo with there deserved medals as well..Proud to be associated with you guys!

Eric Perez - Blue Belt Gold

Lora Hallock - Purple Belt Absolute Gold

Justin Barker - Purple Belt gold

Marc Espinosa - White Belt Bronze

Lora Hallock - Purple Belt Silver






Congrats to all my students that competed today at the F2W Tournament of Champions in Houston, Texas! Great way to start of the year with exciting matches throughout the day with many victories and some lessons learned….Major shout to Alvarez BJJ for giving us some memorable matches and the rest of the Texas scene as well! Also PARAGON TEXAS (Paragon GP, Paragon Austin and Paragon Laredo) for stepping up! Here is the list of the “Gold Diggers” (our new competition team program name) accomplishments:

Daniel Hebert - Gi Gold
Caleb Cruz - Gi Gold
Matt Hernandez - Gi Gold
Matt Hernandez - NoGi Gold
Corey Belino - Gi Gold
Corey Belino - NoGi Gold
Roger Narvaez - Gi Gold
Roger Narvaez - NoGi Gold
Cristina Perez - Gi Gold
Hector Munoz - NoGi Gold
Lora Hallock - Gi Absolute Gold
Lora Hallock - NoGi Absolute Gold

Brandon Ben-David - Gi Silver
Ryan Ben-David - NoGi Absolute Silver
Pearl Baez - NoGi Silver
Daniel Hebert - NoGi Silver
Christian Konoval - Gi Silver
Mark Espinoza - Gi Silver
Audrey Alvarez - Gi Silver
Hector Munoz - Gi Silver
Lora Hallock - NoGi Silver

Brandon Ben-David - NoGi Bronze
Audrey Alvarez - NoGi Bronze
Ryan Ben-David - Gi Bronze
Matt Hernandez - Advance Gi Bronze (He went up a division to have the match of the day!)
Lora Hallock - Mens Purple Gi Bronze (won 2 matches against male purples, 2x0, 5x0)


Thank you for making 2011 a prosperous and victorious year for Paragon BJJ and FCFA. There have been a lot of new faces on the mat and new colors around some familiar faces throughout the year, congrats to you all! Also, there were changes throughout the year, which were for the best and expect more to happen in 2012. Here is what we did to improve the academy in 2011:



More instructors in children’s classes (total of 10 instructors in 4 days, not including volunteers)

More classes for little kids, kids, and teens (3 different classes)

1-year anniversary for Paragon BJJ and FCFA working together

A total of 9 affiliate schools in Texas

A cleaning staff (meaning the academy is cleaned once a day)

Adult program: beginner and advance classes created

We added an open mat training on Sundays at 4pm

I want to make 2012 the year that Paragon BJJ/ FCFA prevails over the competition in Corpus Christi, TX. These are some additions for 2012:

A wrestling program on Thursdays at 5:30pm

A boxing program taught by Ben Flores. Call for extra times during the week & prices: 779-2306

new MMA 101 program taught for beginners on Mon & Tue 8-9pm

An extra No-Gi class on Wednesday. Now scheduled on Wed & Thurs 6:30-8pm

Referral programs for all students AND parents!

Extra competition team training (kids and adults)

Morning classes are circuit training, not open mat. The timer starts at 11am (Mon-Thurs)

A sign-in sheet for each tournament that Paragon BJJ will participate in

An all women’s cardio class. (Class and times to be determined in February)

More availability for private instruction with different rates

-   Plus much more through out the year...

Here are some highlighted accomplishment’s we did in 2011 that made our team successful. There are more accomplishments that were achieved but were not kept on record.

Each competitor placed at the Houston Open IBJJF Championship

We took the Team Trophy at the largest event held in Texas (640 Competitors) Atama Open

Girls in Gis was held at our school for the first time in Corpus Christi

We took the 2nd place Team Trophy at the Texas State Championships

All Gold medals (4) at the Gracie Grappling Cup (Lora won the men’s purple belt division)

We won almost every division at the Results Grappling Challenge (Roger won $1000)

I awarded my second Black Belt to Hector Gutierrez

We placed in every division at Grapplers Quest/ UFC Expo (Matt Hernandez won Double Gold)

Jimmy Flick and Danny Flick won MMA decisively

Corey Bellino kicked his opponent in the face on his return & won

Roger knocked out his opponent in less than a minute on his Pro MMA debut

Aurelio Gallegos Jr. got bronze in the absolute division at the 2011 US Open

All the teens placed at the Abu Dhabi Pro in San Antonio

All that competed got 5 Gold medals, Belts, and Swords at NAGA in Dallas

Lora was Nominated for 2011 Texas Female Grappler of the Year

Aurelio Gallegos Jr. is "People Choice" for 2011 Texas Coach of the Year

Hector Munoz passed all 3 rounds for the Ultimate Fighter Season and now waiting for a call for further notice




Congrats to all that competed at NAGA in Dallas, Texas this past weekend! We took 5 competitors and brought home 2 belts, 5 Golds and 4 Silvers and FIVE SWORDS! VERY PROUD!

Hector Munoz - Gold (Championship Belt)
Matt Hernandez - Gold (Championship Belt), Silver
Emalie Gonzalez - Gold, Silver
Audrey Alvarez - Gold, Silver
Christina Perez - Gold, Silver


Congrats to all that competed this weekend at the Abu Dhabi Pro in San Antonio, TX this past weekend! We took 5 Teens and they all placed! Also a big ups to Laurah Hallock for putting it on the line facing a Brazilian Black Belt in the first round...she came up short (2x0) being the Fact the refree forgot the rules. Also thanks to the parents to who came out to support our team!

Matt Hernandez - Gold
Danielle Gomez - Gold
Christian Ortega (Edinburg) - Gold
Austin Adkins - Silver (Shared 1st with Danielle)
Steven - Bronze
Emily - Bronze

abu dhabi paragon bjj








Congrats to Corey Bellino on his MMA Victory at STFC in McAllen, Texas! He had a 2nd round TKO (headkick/ gnp)! Also respect to Hector Munoz and Roger Navarez on there coaching and training...FCFA dominating the South! corey paragon bjj













Aurelio Gallegos Jr. wins the Bronze in the absolute Black Belt Division at the 2011 US Open in San Jose, California today. Aurelio Gallegos Paragon BJJ



















Congrats to Roger "The SIlverback" Narvaez in his Pro MMA Debut at the STFC in South Padre, Texas! Wining in less than a minute...FCFA tearing up the South of Texas! Roger Paragon BJJ























Congrats to Justin Barker and Matt Willson on there well deserved Purple Belts! These guys have been active successful competitors and have put a lot of time in the mats...Very Proud! matt wilson Paragon BJJ













Grapplers Quest/ The UFC Expo was held in Houston, Texas with talent throughout the state of TEXAS! Major standout was Matt Hernandez with major submissions and huge slams! This kid has come a looong way in such a short amount of time...VERY PROUD! Congrats to all of Paragon Texas for recieving many medals! Check out the "TEAM RESULTS" and the "Competitors RESULTS"!

Team Results:
Kids Teams: 4th Place
Teens Teams: 2nd Place
Womens Teams: 3rd Place
Overal Team Results: 5th Place
Keep in mind we did not take a big team! Only 13 students placed Paragon against all other huge schools!

Austin Adkins - Gold - nogi
Austin Adkins - Gold - nogi
Danielle Gomez - Bronze - nogi
Austin Adkins - Silver - White Belt
Danielle Gomez - Silver - Orange Belt
Enrique Gonzalez - Gold - nogi
Matt Hernandez - Gold - nogi
Enrique Gonzalez - Gold - White Belt
Matt Hernandez - Gold - Yellow Belt
Mark Herrera - Bronze - White Belt
Laurah Hallock - Gold - nogi
Laurah Hallock - Silver - nogi Absolute
Laurah Hallock - Gold - Black Belt
Laurah Hallock - Bronze - Black Belt Absolute
Omar Juarez - Bronze - nogi
Justin Barker - Gold - nogi
Matt Vella - Gold - nogi
Marc Espinosa - Bronze - White Belt
Abel Herrera - Silver - White Belt
Justin Barker - Silver - Blue Belt
Matt Wilson - Bronze - Blue Belt
Adam Gonzalez - Silver - Brown Belt
Adam Gonzalez - Bronze - Borwn Belt Absolute



Congratulations to Hector Guiterrez on receiving his Black Belt! He is the 2nd Paragon Black Belt under Aurelio Gallegos was honor to train him for 10 years from White Belt to Black Belt! True Paragon Blood...He is a fine example of dedication and commitment to "ONE" team...Paragon!



Results Grappling Challenge was held this past weekend in Corpus Christi, Texas. I do not have the full results be we won just about every division they had beating all Corpus Christi Schools....Congrats to all the competed! Check out the story Ch. 6 did on the event!

corpus christi bjj tournament paragon bjj









The 2011 Gracie Grappling Cup happened this past weekend in San Antonio, Texas. Some nice talent on the mat with Laurah Hallock making her Purple Belt debut in the mens division victorious! Also Justin whipping up the advance no-gi division and Chitrit in his Blue Belt debut against some monsters!

Laurah Hallock - Gold - Purple Belt
Sam Chitrit - Gold - Blue Belt
Justin Narker - Gold - No-Gi Advance
Greg Gouziotis  - Gold - Blue Belt

lora hallock paragon bjj











Welcome to our newest branch here in Texas...Impact known as Paragon Dallas! John Brink is the owner/ instructor of this academy and we are proud to have him on our side! This is our 9th affiliation here in Texas!


Congrats to Fred Reyes on his well deserved Brown Belt! His hard work and dedication to Paragon Texas makes me proud to promote him this level! Paragon Laredo doing big things...


texas state champs Paragon BJJ2011 Texas State Championships was held in Houston, Texas with over 670 competitors throughout the state of TEXAS! Congrats to all of Paragon Texas for recieving the Second Place Team Trophy! Check out the results here...

Laurah Hallock - Absolute Champion Belt
Danielle Gomez - GOLD nogi
Zeke Coss - GOLD white belt
Alverto Lopez - GOLD Yellow Belt
Matt Hernandez - GOLD nogi
Steven Gonzalez - GOLD nogi
Rene Bautista - GOLD White Belt
Laurah Hallock - GOLD Purple Belt
Corey Bellino - GOLD Blue Belt
Matt Wilson - GOLD nogi
Corey Bellino - GOLD nogi
Roger Narvaez - GOLD nogi
John Papaioannou - GOLD White belt
Roger Navarez - SILVER Brown/Black Belt
Alec Sanchez - SILVER nogi
Leopoldo Sanchez – SILVER White belt
Gordy Garcia - SILVER Yellow Belt
Chris - SILVER nogi
Israel Lopez - SILVER Yellow Belt
Matt Hernandez - SILVER White Belt
Steven Gonzales - SILVER Green Belt
Enrique Gonzalez - SILVER White Belt
Joey Martinez - SILVER White Belt
Josh Rios - SILVER Blue Belt
Fred Reyes  SILVER Purple Belt
Felipe Martinez - BRONZE Brown/Black Belt
Josh Rios - BRONZE nogi
Brandon Ben-David - BRONZE nogi
Leopoldo Sanchez - BRONZE nogi
Jacob Sanchez - BRONZE nogi
Israel Lopez - BRONZE nogi
Jacob Sanchez - BRONZE Yellow Belt
Danielle Gomez - BRONZE Orange Belt
Enrique Gonzalez - BRONZE nogi
Robert Martinez - BRONZE White Belt
Chris - BRONZE Blue Belt
Jeffrey Powell - BRONZE White Belt
Ruben Bautista - BRONZE White
Edgar Salinas - BRONZE nogi
Erica Flores - BRONZE nogi
Laurah Hallock - BRONZE nogi
Vanessa Reyes - BRONZE White Belt
Marc Espinoza - BRONZE White Belt





Girls in Gis was held this past weekend at Paragon BJJ with women from all over Texas! 2 straight hours of rolling and beach fun with all the women...Thanks to Laurah Hallock for organizing this event! Ladies make sure you attend this event when it hits a city near you.... girls in gi paragon bjj











Atama Open  Paragon TexasThe Atama Open was held today in Austin, Texas with over 640 competitors throughout the state of TEXAS! Congratulations to PARAGON TEXAS on winning the Team Trophy by placing 1st! This is a HUGE accomplishment for Corpus Christi, TX! Check out the results here...

































































































Congrats to Laurah Hallock on her well deserved Purple Belt! Her dedication to Paragon and Competition through out Texas is incredible....She dominated the Blue Belt division, now its time to see her compete at the next level....Very Proud! lora hallock purple belt paragon bjj












houston open paragon bjj
The Houston International Open IBJJF Championship was held this past weekend in Houston, TX! Paragon did outstanding as each competitor placed...Congrats to all!

George Garcia – White Belt – Bronze

Matt Vella – White Belt – Gold

Josh Rios – Blue Belt – Silver

Laurah Hallock – Blue Belt - Gold

Juan Gomez – Blue Belt – Gold

Corey Bellino – Blue Belt - Silver







jenika paragon bjjCongrats to Jenika Upchurch on her well deserved Paragon Blue Belt! It's very RARE to see women train much less stick with the sport because of their size (she weighs 100lbs), but to receive a belt through Paragon is a hard thing to do...congrats again to her!













Congratulations to Paragon Corpus Christi and FCFA for there great performance this weekend at the Grappler's World War in Houston, Texas. We placed 2nd for the Team Trophy! Also a special Congrats to Hector Munoz for taking on highly decorated Jorge "Macaco" Patino in a No-Gi Superfight! The match was very technical with Macaco only winning by 4 points, again major props to Hector for taking this superfight and showing all class...

Jimmy Flick - Gold No-Gi
Jimmy Flick -  Silver Purple Belt
Kelly Baggett - Gold White Belt
Danielle Gomez - Gold Yellow Belt
Danielle Gomez - Gold No-Gi
Laurah Hallock - Gold Blue Belt
Laurah Hallock - Silver Expert No-Gi
Israel Gomez - Gold White Belt
Israel Gomez - Gold No-Gi
Steven Ray Gonzalez - Gold No-Gi
Steven Ray Gonzalez - Silver Green Belt
Ryan Ben-David - Silver Orange Belt
Devin Wimberly - Bronze Orange Belt
Devin Wimberly - Silver Expert No-Gi
Matt Hernandez - Gold White Belt
Matt Hernandez - Silver No-Gi
Brandon Ben-David - Gold No-Gi
Brandon Ben-David - Gold White Belt



Congratulations to Paragon Corpus Christi for there great performance this weekend at the Atama Open in Houston, Texas...

Matt Vella - Gold Gi
Matt Vella - Bronze No-Gi
Josh Rios - Gold Gi
Josh Rios - Gold No-Gi



Congratulations​ to Romi Rodriguez on receiving his Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! Despite all his injuries he never gives up his dream on becoming a Black Belt! He has accomplished a lot since he has been in Edinburg, TX less than 5 years ago. With his team winning just about everything they have to offer in Valley. My hats off to you brother…



Congratulations​ to the new promoted students at Paragon, Texas! These guys worked hard for their belts through competition and in life…

Adam Gonzalez - Brown Belt
John Ovalle - Brown Belt
Matt Wilson - Blue Belt


Congratulations to Paragon Texas for there great performance this weekend at the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation 1st Anual Houston Open in Houston, Texas...


Bill Copper - Gold - Black Belt
Laurah Hallock - Gold - Blue Belt
Laurah Hallock - Gold - Blue Belt Absolute
Romi Rodriguez - Silver - Purple Belt
Romi Rodriguez - Bronze - Purple Belt Absolute
Brenda Castillo - Gold - White Belt
Fred Reyes - Silver - Purple Belt
Toni Casarez - Bronze - Purple Belt
Ramiro Garcilazo - Bronze - Purple Belt
Corey Bellino - Gold - Blue Belt
Chris Banta - Bronze - Blue Belt
Gino Ferrazzano - Silver - Blue Belt
Erick Perez - Bronze - White Belt
John-Michael Salinas - Silver- White Belt
Josue Rodriguez - Silver - White Belt




corpus tournament paragon bjjCongratulations to Paragon for there great performance this weekend at the Texas All In Grappling Championships in Corpus Christi, Texas...



Laurah Hallock - Gold - No-Gi Absolute (Won $500)
Laurah Hallock - Gold - Gi Absolute
Ken Lerma - Silver - Gi
John Zapata - Gold - No-Gi
John Zapata - Silver - Gi
Gilbert Serrato - Gold - Gi
Chris Banta - Gold - Gi
Josh Rios - Bronze - Gi
Erik Perez - Gold - No-Gi
Erik Perez - Silver - Gi
Matt Vella - Silver - No-Gi
Matt Vella - Bronze - gi
Gabe Reyna - Silver - Gi
Justin Barker - Silver - Gi
Justin Barker - Silver - No-Gi
Flash Lugo - Gold - Gi
Flash Lugo - Gold -No-Gi


lora hallock best female grappler paragon bjjCongratulations to Laurah Hallock for 2009 Best Female Grappler in the HUGE state of TEXAS according to Fight News Magazine. She went undefeated in the state of Texas for 2009 with many victories under her belt...expect bigger things from her in 2010! Congrats girl!














aurelio paragon bjj world champ nogiCongratulations​ to Aurelio Gallegos Jr for winning the Gold Medal at the 2009 Mundials No-Gi in Long Beach, California! He went up 2 weight divisions to compete against the Senior 1 Heavy Weight Black Belt Division confronting a gamed opponent from Brazil in the finals....





















Congrats to Paragon on a great performance at the Atama Open in Houston Texas! We took a very small team but still managed to place 5th out of all the teams, Congrats to all that competed and helped coached!

White Belt:
Izzy Arratia – 2nd Place
Kelly Bagget – 3rd place
Maylene Estudillo – 1st Place

Blue Belt:
Greg Diaz – 3rd Place
Chris Banta – 2nd Place
Corey Bellino – 1st Place




combative training in sicily sigonela paragon bjjAurelio, Franjinha and Tyrone Glover went out to Sigonella, Sicily to teach the US Navy some defensive tactics in Sept 09...these guys were all class! Thanks Executive Officer John Porter!












We now have added a new CHILDRENS CLASS for ages 4yrs - 6yrs (depending on size) Check SCHEDULE for times...Bring your children for a free week!



Congratulations​ to the new promoted students at Paragon, Texas! These guys & gals worked hard for their belts through competition and in life…

Laurah Hallock - Blue Belt
Justin Barker - Blue Belt
Murilo Vasconcellos - Purple Belt



Congratulations to Paragon Laredo & Corpus Christi on there performance at Testosterone Tournament in Austin, Texas... yes sir we drove from Dallas to Austin the next day to compete again with MAJOR success! Laurah & Jen closed out the Women's Absolute winning the $250 cash prize!



Fred Reyes - Gold Expert No-Gi
Gino - Gold No-Gi
Jen & Laurah - Gold Gi
$250 Cash Prize!







Congratulations to Paragon Laredo & Corpus Christi on there performance at Naga Europa on Dallas, Texas...also a special Congrats to Laurah Hallock with less than 2 years of training she stepped up to the expert division shooting for the belt with major success winning two of them!



Laurah Hallock - Gold (Belt) Expert No-Gi
Laurah Hallock - Gold (Belt) Expert Gi 
Rick Rodriguez - Gold (Belt) Expert No-Gi
Adam Gonzalez - Bronze Purple Belt
Justin Barker - Bronze No-Gi
Justin Barker - Silver White Belt
Gino (Laredo) - Bronze No-Gi





Congratulations to Corey Bellino on his impressive win last night at the Bully Bash and Brawl 2 in Austin, Texas...



Congratulations to Paragon Edinburg for there outstanding performance at the MBJJA No-Gi Extreme Challenge in McAllen, Texas...

Isai Arratia - 1st Place Rooster and 1st Place Absolute
Adrian Quintanilla 2nd Place Heavy Weight and 2nd Place Absolute
Robert Garcia 3rd Place Heavy Weight
Jake Garcia 2nd Place Middle Weight
Rudy Garcia 3rd Place Middle Weight
David Silva 3rd Place Middle Weight 



Congratulations to Paragon Edinburg and Corpus Christi for there great performance this weekend at the ADCC Regionals in Houston, Texas...

Laurah Hallock - Gold
Christopher Leinweber - Silver
Jenika - Bronze
Romi Rodriguez - Gold
Brenda Castillo - Silver
Rudy - Silver
Ben - Bronze

Congratulations to Paragon Laredo for there great performance at this past weekends 1st annual Valley Throwdown Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament (McAllen, TX)...

1st place:David Andy Reyna - light heavy gi
Mandy Cruz- Gi and No-gi light feather
Josh Rodriguez- featherweight gi
Tony Casarez - no-gi advanced Featherweight
Adrian Aguirre- No-gi and gi light feather
Fred Reyes- No-gi Advanced lightweight

2nd place:
Juan Mendoza - Gi and No-gi light Featherweight
Josh Rodriguez -No gi Featherweight
Javier Elizondo - lightweight

3rd place:Ramon Zapata - Super Heavyweight Gi
Alex Saucedo (16yo) - Heavyweight gi Adult category

2nd PLACE TEAM TROPHY IN MCALLEN!!! Together as a team we accomplished 
this win or lose Congrats to all!


Congratulations to Paragon Austin and Paragon Corpus Christi for there great performance this weekend at the Fight to Win's Texas Open...

Randy Vera- Purple Belt Gold
Tessa Simpson - Purple Belt Gold and No-Gi Silver
Chris Banta - Blue Belt No-Gi Bronze
Daren Willingham Teens No-Gi and Gi Golds
Ben Painter - Kids No-Gi and Gi Bronze

Congratulations to Paragon Edinburg and Paragon Laredo for there great performance this past weekend at the ALL VALLEY GRAPPLING CHAMPIONSHIPS III...


Kids no gi- Abram Dominguez 2nd
Damian Gomez 3rd
Taylor Segovia - 1st place kids NO-GI, 2nd place kids GI

men gi-
Rudy Cantu 1st
Eric Martinez 3rd
Robert Garcia 3rd
Ruben Flores 2nd
Adam Steve Cameron 3rd
Luis "Wissy" Garcia 1st
Gino Ferrazzano 2nd

men no gi- Joe Rodriguez 1st
Isai Arratia 2nd
Rudy Cantu 2nd
Robert Perez 1st
Fabian Garcia 1st
John Michael 2nd
Ramiro Garcilazo 2nd

men absolute- Robert Perez 2nd
Rudy Cantu 3rd


A MAJOR Congratulations goes out to Mari Salinas for obtaining the Silver Medal at the World Championships in Long Beach, California... Congrats Girl! Paragon Texas producing World Medalist one tournament at a time...



Congratulations​ to the new promoted students at Paragon, Texas! These guys & gals worked hard for their belts through competition and in life…


Blue Belt:
Natalie Valderaz
Joe Rodriguez
Adrian Quintilla
Ashley Gonzalez
Danny Rodriguez
Chris Banta
Mark Garcia
Cory Bellino

Purple Belt:
Rachelle “Roach” Ramirez

Brown Belt:
Hector Gutierrez



Congratulations to Paragon Corpus Christi at this past weekends event in Houston, Texas "International Grappling Festival"...we took two competitors and brought home 4 golds...


Chris Banta - Gold Medal - No-Gi
Chris Banta - Bronze Medal - White Belt
Laurah Hallock - Gold Medal - No-Gi
Laurah Hallock - Gold Medal - White Belt
Laurah Hallock - Gold Medal - White Belt Absolute (Won a Lucky Gi!)



Congratulations to Paragon Edinburg at this past weekends even in McAllen, Texas "Tough-E-Nuff Grappling Tournament"...they took a huge team out there and came out on top with the 1st Place Team Trophy...


Brenda Castillo 1st gi & no gi
Judy Garcia 2nd gi
Franco Ollervivez 1st gi & no gi
Eduardo Badillo 3rd gi & 2nd no gi
Fabian Garcia 1st gi & no gi
Ivan Garcia 2nd gi
Ben Silva 3rd no gi 1st gi
Tony Garza 2nd no gi
Robert Perez 1st gi & no gi
Johnny Hernandez 3rd no gi
Isai Arratia 1st no gi
Ramon Rodriguez 2nd gi



Congratulations to Paragon Laredo at this past weekends event in Austin, Texas "Tournament of Champions"..they took a small team out there with some major accomplishments...


- Adrian Aguirre - Gold Medal - Teens No-Gi
- Adrian Aguirre - Bronze Medal - Teens Gi
- Taylor Segovia - Silver Medal - Teens Gi
- Tony Casarez - Bronze Medal - No-Gi Advance



Congratulations to Paragon Texas at this past weekends 2nd largest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament in the world.. the 2009 Pan-American Games.

We took a total of 16 students from the Laredo & Corpus Christi to sunny Carson, California. The majority of them won some and lost some, which was a great experience for all.


Paragon girls made a huge impact on this year event by bringing home 3 medals. Congrats to the most active females that the south has to offer…


Rachelle “Roach” Ramirez – Bronze Medal – Blue Belt Middle Heavy
Mari Salinas– Bronze Medal – White Belt Light Feather Weight
Natalie Valderaz – Gold Medal – White Belt Feather Weight









Major Congrats to Murilo Vasconcelos on his second time competing and placing in this prestigious tournament (note* He won the Bronze Medal in ’08).



Murilo Vasconcelos – Silver Medal – Senior 3 Blue Belt Middle Heavy





South Texas Open was held this past weekend in McAllen, TX. Paragon swept each division that each student competed in. Paragon took second on the team trophy. Congrats to all competitors.


Chris bandas 1st gi
Justin barker 1st gi
Laurah hallock 1st gi and 1st nogi
Paragon 2nd place team




Animal Fight wear Championships was held this past weekend in Houston, TX.

The competition was intense with a major turnout. Tessa Simpson lost her superfight with several attempts to finish the match. We are proud of her and her display of sportsmanship. Congrats to all who competed!


Laurah Hallock 1st gi and 1st absolute
Chris Bandas 1st gi and 2nd absolute
Matt Wilson 2nd gi




Grappler’s challenge was held this past weekend in McAllen, TX. Congrats to all who had competed with Paragon taking home the 1st place Team Trophy…


Chris bandas 2nd gi
Matt Wilson 1st gi
Cory Bellino 1st gi
Paragon 1st place team


King of the mat was held this past weekend in McAllen, TX. Congrats to all who had competed with another display of excellence…

Laurah hallock - 1st nogi
Tommy Guerreo - 1st nogi
Paragon 2nd place team

The Atama Open was held this past weekend in Houston, Texas. Paragon took a small team and brought home some medals. Congrats to all who had competed especially Laurah at her first competition, watch out for this girl…

Jeff Glover - No-Gi - Gold Medal
Justin Barker – No-Gi - Bronze Medal
Laurah Hallock – White Belt - Bronze Medal
Laurah Hallock – No-Gi - Gold Medal

Laurah Paragon BJJ

Congratulations to all the Paragon competitors from Corpus Christi (4 Competitors), RGV (2 Competitors) and Laredo (13 Competitors) at the Padre Island BJJ Nationals this past weekend! We took home a lot of hardware, 9 Golds, 8 Silvers and 2 Bronzes…

Hector Gutierrez – Purple Belt Super Fight Champion (Corpus Christi)
This was an exciting super fight with two gamed competitors with Hector victorious 6x2, congrats to both Hector (Paragon BJJ) and Mike T (McAllen BJJ)!

1st Place
Danny Rodriguez – White Belt (Corpus Christi)
Danny Rodriguez – No-Gi (Corpus Christi)
Natalie Valderaz – No-Gi Absolute (Corpus Christi)
Natalie Valderaz – White Belt (Corpus Christi)
Mari Salinas – White Belt Tied for 1st with Natalie (Laredo)
Marcus Farias – White Belt (Laredo)
Adrian Aguirre – Kids Beginner (Laredo)
Walter Rodriguez – White Belt (Laredo)
Joe Rodriguez – White Belt (RGV)

2nd Place
Chris Bantas – White Belt (Corpus Christi)
Paco Segura - Blue Belt (Laredo)
Clay Miller - White Belt (Laredo)
Joe Maldando – White Belt (Laredo)
Patrick Alcaron - White Belt (Laredo)
Patrick Alcaron – No-Gi (Laredo)
Edgar Ramirez – Kids Beginner Gi (Laredo)
Edgar Ramirez – No-gi Advanced (Laredo)

3rd Place
Marcus Farias – No-Gi (Laredo)
Chris Bantas – White Belt (Corpus Christi)

Paragon BJJ South Padre Tourny

The 2008 US Open was this past weekend(3rd largest tournament by the IBJJF) and we took three dedicated competitors.

With the new expansion of Paragon Laredo, Fred (Blue belt Feather weight) won his first two matches by points & Toni (Blue belt Super Feather weight) won his first match by points and lost the second round by 2 points to the man who won. Also Hector Guiterrez from Paragon Corpus Christi competed in the Adult Purple Middle weight winning his first match by submission. Congrats to all Paragon members who helped our team to success!

Fred Reyes - Bronze medal
Hector Guiterrez - Bronze Medal

Hec & Fred US Open 09 Paragon BJJ

The Paragon In-House Invitational was a great success with schools from all over the south! A special thanks for Franjinha for coming down to help referee and view what Texas has to offer. Congrats to all 45 Competitors and their coaches!

We are getting TOOO BIG meaning more changes, more classes and more space (we are tearing down more walls next door)!

Murilo was awarded a bronze medal in the Pan-American Championships held March 28-30 in L.A., California. He fought in the Heavy, Blue Belt, Senior 3 division. Way to go in representing Corpus Christi!

Murilo PanAms 09 Paragon BJJ

After 12 years of extensive training Aurelio finally received his Black Belt with the help of Bob Arredondo & Franjinha (Paragon California, Jeff, Grill, Adam, T$, Lalo, Flambori, Bruno, etc...), his students and family. "I'm a white belt that NEVER gave up", Aurelio comments...

Also Congrats to my students:

Derrick Garza - Brown Belt

Trey Wiggins - Purple Belt
Paul Carolla - Purple Belt
John Ovalle - Purple Belt
Eric McKnight - Purple Belt

Gregorio Diaz - Blue Belt
Rob Parks - Blue Belt
Frank Fonseca - Blue Belt

Paragon BJJ offered it's 1st Conquering The School Bully Seminar with much success! May 3rd will be our next FREE Seminar from 9am - 10am. Channel 10 was kind enough to show up and do a story regarding this educational seminar.


Paragon BJJ members have a new temporary schedule for the 2008 Pan-Ams. Monday through Thursdays from 2pm - 3pm an intense session will be available to all athletes and members. Don't miss out!

Take advantage of our new class "Freestyle Wrestling Takedowns" taught by Andrew Adams. Andrew is a All American (Hight School - 4 letter), All American (College - 3 letter) for the Naval Academy, and a Division I Wrestler for the Naval Academy. He will be showing takedowns on Thursdays from 5:30 till 6:30 right before the no-gi submission wreslting class. See you then! Check out the SCHEDULE for times.

The 1st Mundial (World) No-Gi Tournament was held this past weekend in Los Angeles, California. There was talent from all over the WORLD! Aurelio and Rachelle competed and brought home some medals to add to the list of Paragon’s accomplishments. The West Coast Paragon guys also did very well bringing home plenty of medals! We competed as Alliance to support Franjinha's coach's team.

Rachelle Ramirez – Silver Medal (Blue/Purple Belt Middle Heavy)
Aurelio Gallegos Jr. – Bronze Medal (Brown Belt Master Middle)
Bill "The Grill" Cooper - Silver Medal & Bronze Medal (Black Belt Adult Middle & Open Class)
Jeff Glover - Gold Medal (Black Belt Adult Light)
Ricardo "Franjinha" Miller - 2 Gold Medals (Black Belt Senior 1 Heavy and Open Class)

Check out the run down on how things went with a recorded interview (Podcast #97) with The Grill, Franjinha and Jeff Monson!

The South Texas Grapplers Challenge in Corpus Christi was held this past weekend at Ben Garza Gym with Paragon BJJ coming in full force! Derrick, Hector, and Trey ended up closing the Absolute Gi Division bringing home the belt! Major props to our Edinburg Paragon school for bringing a strong team winning 4 Gold’s and 3 Silvers!

With only 15 competitors we took 15 Gold’s, 6 Silvers (2 of which they tied teammates for 1st), and 4 Bronze. Congrats to all teams and their coaches who participated in this event especially Paragon BJJ for representing in winning fashion!

Trey Wiggins - Blue Belt
Derrick Garza - Absolute
Derrick Garza - Purple Belt
Gabe Reyna - Nogi
Rob Parks - Nogi
Rob Parks - White Belt
Hector Gutierrez - Nogi
Hector Gutierrez - Purple Belt
John Ovale - Blue Belt
Bobby Gomez - Nogi
Ramon Rodriguez - White Belt
Gregorio Diaz - White Belt           
Dylan Gonzalez - Adv Kids Gi
Pablo Huerta - Gi Teen 120-149
Pablo Huerta - Nogi  101-110

Ralph Gutierrez - Nogi
Ralph Gutierrez - White Belt
John Ovale - Blue Belt
Bobby Gomez - White belt
Abraham Rodriguez - Nogi Teen 120-149
Abraham Rodriguez - Gi Teen 120-149

Mark Garcia - White Belt
Derrick Garza - Nogi
Gregorio Diaz - Nogi
Tommy Guerrero - Blue Belt

Also Congrats to teammate Bill "The Grill" Cooper for winning just about everything the East Coast had to offer!  

The U.S. Open XII was held this past weekend in Santa Cruz, California. There was talent from all over the U.S. including Brazil. Aurelio and Rachelle competed and brought home some medals to add to the list of Paragon’s accomplishments. Congrats to all who competed!

Rachelle Ramirez – Bronze Medal (Blue Belt Lt. Heavy AND Open Class)
Aurelio Gallegos Jr. – Silver Medal (Brown Belt Master Super Heavy*)

*Aurelio could have taken Gold in the middle weight division because no one showed, he wanted to fight and asked to be bumped up 3 weight classes to Super Heavy Weight and competed with the BIG BOYS! Unfortunately he was stopped in the finals to ever so talented 2007 Mundials Silver Medalist Carlos Melo.

The re-grand opening was a huge success with family and friends from all over.

Special guest appearance was Brown Belt sensation Leo Cantu, great to see the BJJ community getting together! Also we had another huge successful seminar this past weekend with Franjinha at Paragon BJJ. He recapped a lot of fine detail with new turtle-guard setups. Also congratulations to my students on their promotions! Thank You to all my students and friends who supported Paragon on being the most successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School in Corpus Christi, Texas!

Gabe Reyna – Blue Belt
Murilo Vasconcelos – Blue Belt
Daniel Jimenez – Blue Belt
Brian Harrison – Blue Belt

The 2nd Annual Austin Martial Arts Festival and Grappling Tournament was held this past weekend in Austin, Texas. Although it was not a huge turnout there was still some tough competition. Congrats to all who competed and to my students on their victories!

Robert Parks - 1st White Belt (Heavy Weight)
Trey Wiggins - 1st Blue Belt (Middle-Heavy Weight)
Trey Wiggins - 1st Blue Belt (Open Class)

ANTALYA, TURKEY - The United States had a dominant performance at the historic first World Grappling Championships, sweeping all nine gold medals in the final event of the World Wrestling Games in Antalya, Turkey September 9th! With teammate BILL “The Grill” Cooper in the final taking home the Silver Medal!!!! Congrats on a job well done!

80 kg/176 lbs. - Bill Cooper, Santa Barbara, Calif. (Paragon BJJ Academy), silver medal
WIN Gareth Roristan (Great Britain), submission, 0:57
WIN Florentin Amorin (France), submission, 1:15
WIN Mike Kelly (United States), submission, 1:46
LOSS Don Ortega (United States), 2-3 (VERY CLOSE MATCH!)

The World Jiu-Jitsu Championship took place in Long Beach, California this past weekend.

This was the first time it took place on U.S. soil (usually held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). This is the largest BJJ event in the world with over 1,800 competitors over four days competing for GOLD! Paragon BJJ took seven of its competitors with the majority of our group winning the 1st round and defeated in the 2nd. Only one standout with little over a year and half training with us, Gabe Reyna took home the Gold in the middle weight white belt division. Also a special congrats to teammate Bill Cooper for taking silver in the Brown Belt Absolute division! Paragon BJJ was the “Only” team to bring home such results not only in Corpus Christi but also in South Texas! Congratulations to all who competed and to all who help us get there! Paragon BJJ, home of a WORLD CHAMPION and PAN AMERICAN CHAMPIONS!

Since the demand for quality instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is wanted all over the South Texas. Paragon BJJ has a new location! Paragon BJJ is now the “ONLY” school in Edinburg, Texas. Romi Rodriguez is now teaching BJJ to the people of the south with frequent visits from purple, brown, and black instructors! Give him a call first week is always free! Stay tuned for more details!


The Texas International Grappling Festival took place this past weekend and with only 4 competitors we took 2 Gold’s, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze.

Congrats to all teams and their coaches who participated in this event especially Paragon BJJ for representing in winning fashion!

Trey Wiggins - 1st No-Gi Advanced  2nd Blue Belt
Gabe Reyna - 1st White Belt (fought 6 times for gold)
Ralph Gutierrez- 3rd Beginner No-Gi
Paul Carrolla - 3rd Blue Belt

Jeff Glover will be making his second ADCC appearance fighting in the lightweight division this coming May 5th and 6th in Trenton, New Jersey! He was invited this past week and will be a force to be reckoned with! Congratulations Jeff and bring home that Gold!

Congratulations to Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller and Bill Cooper for obtaining the Gold Medal at the 2007 Pan-American Games held in Los Angeles.

This is Franjinha’s third time achieving the Gold at the Pan-Am Games! Also several other team members placed winning several silvers and bronzes! Congrats to all you guys!

There was another huge successful seminar this past weekend with Franjinha and Jeff Glover at ParagonBJJ.

They recapped a lot of fine detail with new closed and half-guard setups. Also congratulations to my students on their promotions! Thank You to all my students and friends who supported Paragon on being the most successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School in Corpus Christi, Texas! Check out the

Adam Gonzales – Purple Belt
John Porter – Purple Belt
Ismael Arreola – Blue Belt
John Quintanilla – Blue Belt
Tommy Guerrero – Blue Belt
Carl “Guam” Wilson – Blue Belt

A Special “Good Bye” to Carl, KiKi, and Kya as they were relocated to Hawaii from the Coast Guard. You guys will be deeply missed.

Franjinha is coming to his second home, Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Corpus Christi.

Learn from the man who trained world class competitors such as Jeff Glover, Bill “The Grill” Cooper, Tyrone Glover, Adam BenShea, Katie and many other champs! He will be giving a two day seminar from 11am – 1:30pm Saturday (no-gi) and Sunday (gi) January 20th & 21st. All are welcomed to participate cost is $100 for one day and $110 for both.

Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Secrets of our Success (Instructional Video)  

A native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ricardo ”Franjinha” Miller started training Jiu-Jitsu with the legendary Prof Romero Cavalcanti ”Jacare” founder of Alliance Team, in 1989.

With his black belt, Ricardo set for himself challenges extending beyond Brazil. In 1996 he came to the United States to compete and to teach. He was proved to be successful at both. With American partner Mike Florimbi, the Paragon Academy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was founded in 1998 in Santa Barbara, California.

Paragon BJJ Academy produces some of the finest Jiu-Jitsu practitioners in the U.S. and now we open up our arsenal of moves to you. For the first time, learn from four Black Belts and three Brown Belts in the same DVD. Each technique is explained and displayed clearly, so all of the intricate mechanics of the move are shown.

Over 30 of the Paragon family’s best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques are featured including the five best moves from all the best fighters we had produced. Starring Tyrone Glover, Jeff Glover, Adam Benshea, Lalo Salazar, Aurelio Gallegos, Bill Cooper and Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller. Also we could not forget to include Interviews, Bonus section and the ever so funny Blooper section. Whether you are beginner or advance this instructional collection features something new for everyone.

Ground Control Championship was held this past weekend with great results from our team! Although we only took four competitors we still brought home 5 medals!

We also want to thank Revolution Dojo (Jeff Messina) for there hospitality on there warm welcome for letting us train at their academy and Raphael Lavato, Jr on welcoming us to there family (Team) for dinner these guys were all class especially Sampson! Hi-Light video up soon!

Ryan Dean – 1st place Blue Belt
Gabriel Reyna – 2nd place White Belt and 3rd No-gi
Paul Carrola  - 2nd place No-gi Advanced
Bill “The Grill” Cooper – 2nd place No-Gi Pro Division (Defeated in the finals to the ever so talented Brazilian Black Belt Romulo Barral)

The South Texas Grapplers Challenge in Corpus Christi was held this past weekend at Ben Garza Gym with Paragon BJJ coming in full force!

The tournament started off with the first Superfight Derrick “Darkness” Garza (Paragon BJJ) defeating Bryan “Brightness” Bowman (CCBJJ) by points 7-2. The second Superfight was with Paragon’s All-Star Bill “The Grill” Cooper defeating Shervin Alavi (NDBJJ) putting him to sleep with a guillotine in under 12 seconds! Major congrats to Derrick & Bill for bringing home those nice Superfight Title Belts! Also our hats off to Bryan & Shervin, these guys were all class!  

Also Bill "The Grill" Cooper took home the Adv Gi Absolute & Adv No-Gi Absolute Belts! Hector Gutierrez (Paragon BJJ) ended up fighting Bill in the finals of the Adv Gi Absolute. Normally people on the same team will throw an exhibition match (staged fight) but there coach (Aurelio) made them fight for real making it the fight of the day! Gabe Reyna (Paragon BJJ) ended up fighting Bill in the finals of the Adv No-Gi Absolute. This kid has talent written all over him. With less than 6 months of training he cleared out his own path to the finals before Bill reminded him what belt he was, white.

NOTE! All of Paragon's students equaled up a total of 33 ACTUAL WINS and 6 DEFEATS against all teams!

With only 12 competitors we took 16 Gold’s, 5 Silvers (4 of which they tied teammates for 1st), and 3 Bronze. Congrats to all teams and their coaches who participated in this event especially Paragon BJJ for representing in winning fashion!

Derrick Garza            Superfight
Bill Cooper            Superfight
Bill Cooper            Adv Gi Absolute
Bill Cooper             Adv No-Gi Absolute
Bill Cooper            Adv Gi
Bill Cooper            Adv No-Gi
Hector Gutierrez  No-Gi
Hector Gutierrez  Purple
Adam Gonzalez  Blue Belt
Adam Gonzalez  No-Gi
Gabe Reyna            No-Gi
Gabe Reyna            White Belt
Roy Carniato            No-Gi
Roy Carniato            Blue Belt
Ryan Dean            Blue Belt
Rob Parks            No-Gi

Paul Carolla            No-Gi
Eric Mcknight              Blue Belt
Hector Gutierrez  Adv Gi Absolute
Tommy Guerreo   White Belt
Gabe Reyna            Adv No-Gi Absolute

Alex Rodriguez   Beg 70lbs Gi
Paul Carolla   Blue Belt
Rob Parks     White Belt

"We took all the hardware from a Corpus Christi Tournament in 06"

CONGRATULATIONS to Rachelle "THE ROACH" Ramirez, for making the cut to 2007 ADCC TRIALS!

She has worked hard here in Texas and in California winning the PanAm Gold in her weight class for this chance. Now is her chance to compete with Who's Who of female grappling in the United States! Also, other notable Paragon BJJ teammates are Katrina A. Weilbacher, Jeff Glover and Bill "The Grill" Cooper will be competing in this prestigious event! Good luck to all!


The Road to ADCC 2007 starts with the official ADCC North American Trials on Saturday, October 28th at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey.

Seventy-Two of North America's Best Submission Grapplers and Competitors will battle for prestigious invitations to The ADCC 2007, Abu Dhabi Combat Club's Submission Fighting World Championships, also known as The Olympics of Grappling. Below is the OFFICIAL invitations issued so far.

Women Middleweight: 60 Kg to 67 Kg (132 lbs to 147.4 lbs.)
Confirmed: Debi Purcell (
Confirmed: Kizma Button (3rd Place in ADCC as alternate)
Confirmed: Kathy Brothers (Machado Black Belt - 1st Woman Black Belt in the
Confirmed: Emily Kwok (Team Renzo/Almeida)
Confirmed: Rachelle Ramirez (Paragon BJJ)
Confirmed: Sheila Bird (Roy Harris)

A Mundial and Pan-American Champ will be at ParagonBJJ giving us a mindfull of techniques!

ASA FULLER (Brown Belt under Cleber Luciano), this guy is a 2004 & 2005 Pan American Gold Medalist! Winning his weight class and the open. He will be doing a seminar this Saturday, June 24, 2006 from 12pm - 2pm for ONLY $20! Trust me I thought I heard him wrong but he is serious, only $20 for 2 hours! So be there and see you on the mat!

Franjinha just conducted another of his Sold Out Half-Guard seminars here at Paragon BJJ.

Just when you think you know it all and BAM! Your game changes tremendously! There were major changes in belt color including mine. Thank You to all my students and friends who supported Paragon on being the most successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School in Corpus Christi, Texas! Franjinha will be back in September, so don't miss it!

Aurelio Gallegos Jr. - Brown Belt
Jeremy Loftin - Blue Belt
Mark Gonzalez - Blue Belt
Rachelle Ramirez - Blue Belt
Roy Carinato - Blue Belt
Ryan Dean - Blue Belt
Rick Rodriguez - Blue Belt

Our very own Will Buck has been training at Paragon BJJ since he was 12 years old.

The commitment that he has put in the academy and in life is priceless. Paragon not only signifies excellence but so do the students. At age 18, Will has been nominated to be possibly selected to be on the permanent honor roll “wall of fame” at King High School, here is the resume that was submitted after we found out he had been nominated. Eight will be selected from the 25 nominees. Wish him luck, it is a great honor to be nominated, even greater if he is one of the 8 finalists chosen. On a side note… I pray to God that when my newborn daughter grows up, she meets a gentleman like WILL BUCK!

Throw Down in H-Town BJJ Tournament went down this past weekend (April 29, 2006) in Spring, TX.

Despite some delays and some heavy rain Paragon took four of its competitors to the tournament. With The Roach, Adam, Roy and the newest addition to the team Rob Parks they displayed what Paragon was all about. Keep in mind that Roy and Rob fought in the same weight class and made it to the finals and decided to fight it out for fun. So in other words they split 1st in the gi and no-gi divisions! Also Adam was the lightest guy in the open class and lost the semifinals to a guy who looked like Wesley Snipes on points. Hi-light video now up... Congrats! You guys rock!

Rachelle – 1st place Gi Division (Middle Weight)
Adam – 3rd place Gi Division (Advanced Open Class)
Roy 1st place Gi Division & No-Gi Division (Cruiser Weight)
Rob 2nd place Gi Division & No-Gi Division (Cruiser Weight)

Well the 2006 Pan-American Games were this past weekend and let me tell you that Corpus Christi Paragon BJJ tore it up!

It is the 2nd largest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament in the WORLD! Just about everyone won the 1st round and giving everyone a tough time in the second only loosing by points. Congrats to Romi, Daniel, Tommy, Carl, and Jeremy! You guys make me proud! Check out <A href="">ADCOMBAT.COM</A> for pictures and more info!

Ryan Dean (Bronze medal) Competed in the White Belt, super heavy, adult, Won his first match on points defeating a very game opponent and losing in the semi-finals to the man who took second in his division.

Rachelle “The Roach” Ramirez (Gold Medal) Competed in the White Belt, middle heavy, adult, keep in mind she is only 17 years old! I am very pleased with her performance not giving up a single point to her opponents and tapping both of them out. She has only been training with me a little over a year now and now is the Pan-American Champ, Congrats girl!

Aurelio Gallegos Jr. (Bronze Medal) Competed in the Purple Belt, light weight, master, not giving up a single point in my first two matches, but was submitted in the semi-finals to Joel Tudor who won my division. I lost 27 pounds for this fight and trained hard with the U.S. Army in Fort Carson in Colorado Springs for this tournament and not to mention my incredible and talented students here at Paragon BJJ.

Jeff Glover (Gold Medal) Competed in the Brown Belt, Feather Weight, adult, won all his matches without breaking a sweat! When he was on the podium, when he was awarded his BLACK BELT from Franjinha. Big congrats to you Jeff!

Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller (Gold Medal) Competed in the Black Belt, Middle weight, senior 1, won both his matches by points playing his smooth half-guard game. Also he won the Bronze Medal in the open class beating Amal Easton by points and losing the semi-finals on points. He is a fine example of excellence on why Paragon BJJ is one of the top leading teams in the world!

Rachelle "The Roach" Ramirez tore it up in Dripping Springs winning 1st place in the female division. She went all by herself and did acceptionaly well finishing all her fights combined less that a minute. This 17 year old has a lot of heart! This was a warm up for the Pan-Ams in April. Congrats girl!!!

A sad day has come as I had recieved information that a former student and childhood friend had passed away...Matt "The Gazelle" Lambert.

Matt always brought his A-Game as he was always eger to learn in just a short period of time. He looked like "Stiffler from American Pie" and moved like a Gazelle (really fast). He was my sons first visitor the day we brought him home from the hospital from being born. I will NEVER forget that. Everytime he smiled he brought life into the room with his crazy jokes. Check out the photo Gallery to see his pic and to keep him in memory when praying to the man above. We will ALL see you soon brother man...

One of Paragon’s finest players is coming to Corpus! Bill “The Grill” Cooper, this kid just won the superfight at The Central Valley Submission Tournamentagainst Chuck Kim (a well known Vale-Tudo fighter) held in California!

His record and his attitude speak for itself. This kid is amazing and will be here to help our team for the next 2 weeks! He will be getting ready for his Vale-Tudo debut in Japan! He will also conduct a 2 day seminar, Saturday February 11th (No-Gi) and Sunday Feb 12th (Gi) from 12pm – 2:30pm for $80 for one day and $100 for both! These series of instruction will take place at the Main Academy in Corpus Christi. Don’t miss this opportunity to train with the #1 RATED lightweight fighters in the United States!

In 2004, 214 cases of forcible rape were reported to the Corpus Christi Police Department.

However, police statistics do not accurately represent how many women are sexually assaulted, as more than half of all assaults go unreported, according to RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. Some sources report that as much as 90 percent of all instances of rape go unreported.

There are many ways for women to protect themselves against rape situations, such as never leaving a drink unattended, being aware of their surroundings, and never isolating themselves with someone they don’t know or trust.

Unfortunately, women do end up in situations where they need to protect themselves. In Corpus Christi, Aurelio Gallegos, owner of Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, teaches a free class that instructs women on how to defend themselves in rape situations. produced another article regarding the Free Rape Prevention Seminars hosted by us. <A href="">Check it out!</A>


The most reputable online magazine, Corpus Beat released a special article on me regarding my success as a first-time business owner teaching Martial Arts. <A href="">Check it out!</A>

On January 13, 2006 (FRIDAY THE 13th) Paragon BJJ and Extreme MMA have decided to get together and have “Start the New Year Right” party at "The House of Rock" located at 511 Starr St downtown Corpus Christi.

Call our very own Casey Lane at 882-7625 for more details. There will be free food from 7pm - 8pm with drink specials and a huge designated smoke free area. This is what Corpus needs to build a better foundation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the community. Look for big things from us in the future! So please invite as many friends and family as you can to this event!

Just a friendly Reminder that we are having a FREE RAPE PREVENTION SEMINAR this weekend at the academy (6313 Wooldridge Suite #8) Saturday 1-14-06, from 10am - 12pm. All female participants recieve a Free Rape Prevention Seminar Series T-Shirt! Tell your friends and hopefully we'll see you there.

Paragon BJJ would like to announce the 2006 RAPE PREVENTION SEMINAR SERIES OFFICIAL SPONSORS for taking the time to participate in help protecting the women of Corpus Christi from domestic violence.

-            GALLEGOS SIGNS


-            KING OF SLEEP

-            PETE’S CHICKEN-N-MORE


-            JENNY PORTER - MARY KAY


-            DOLCE DIVINO


I am so proud to announce that Corpus Christi Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kids Team placed 1st out of the Texas Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation for 2005! There were three tournaments hosted by the Federation in 2005 and after all the points were calculated for the three tournaments, Paragon BJJ came out on top! Congratulations to all my little competitors as we, a little team from Texas comes out victorious! Why? “Because We Can!”

Honorable Kids and Juniors Mentioned:

Kathrine Flores
Steve Flores
Dylan Gonzalez
Joshua Mettlach
Rene Pineda
Chris Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez
Dominique Martinez
Rachelle Ramirez
Adam Gonzalez
Clint Gonzalez
David Cervantes

Corpus Christi Paragon BJJ did it again taking only 7 competitors and bringing home 8 medals!

Grapple Mania was action packed with competitors from all over Northern Texas competing in Waller, Texas. Congratulations to our Team on a Job Well Done, especially Rachelle "The Roach" Ramirez (just turned 17yrs old) who fought in numerous categories even with the big boys. Check out the Video Gallery for one of her 8 fights and a Hi-Light Video of the Team!

Alex Rodriguez (8-10yrs Kids Fought his heart for a controversial stoppage)
Ryan Dean - 1st (No-Gi Heavy Weigth)
Tommy Guerrero - 1st (No-Gi Heavy Weight)
Jimmy Lugo - 2nd (No-Gi Extra Heavy Weight)
Derrick Garza - 3rd (Purple Belt Light Weight)
Adam Gonzalez - 1st (No-Gi Middle Weight) 2nd (Blue Belt Cruiser Weight)
Rachelle Ramirez - 1st (No-Gi Women's 121lbs and up) 1st (White Belt Women's)

CONGRATULATIONS to Jeff Glover and Bill Cooper on their successful wins in Japan this past weekend!

They beat the unbeatable and took home the golds in the Feather and Lightweight categories! They represent Paragon in any way imaginable! Even though the articles are in Japanese the title says..."'The future of USA Grappling' kicked ass in Japan. Jeff and Bill, two young fighters from Paragon JJ won their brackets." Check out the <A href="">LINK.</A>

A special congratulations goes out to David Cervantes (15yrs old) and Romi Rodriguez for there Blue Belts and to Hector Guiterrez and John Alvarez for their well deserved Purple Belts.

The seminar and group photo was a huge success! Make sure to check out the ADULT section for the pic. Thanks again Franjinha for another successful seminar!

Paragon BJJ Japan Invasion!

Jeff Glover and Bill Cooper will be making their professional grappling debut on 10/16/05 in  They will compete in seperate 4-man tournaments. Good Luck to America's Top Fighters!

Check out the Video Section with CH.10 News segment on our Rape Prevention Seminar held this past weekend.

The Texas Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation Fall Jiu-Jitsu Kids Tournament happened this weekend in Dripping Springs, Texas.

ParagonBJJ Adults & Kids Team came out victorious with the 1st place Team Trophy once again! These guys put on quite a performance giving other Texas Teams a hell of a time on the mat once again!

Alex Rodriguez - 2nd (Kids)
Katherine Flores - 1st (Kids)
Chris Rodriguez - 2nd (Kids)
Rachelle Ramirez - 1st (Teen Divivion) and 1st (Women's Adult Division)
Carl Wilson - 3rd (Adult)
Jeremy Loftin - 3rd (Adult)
Adam Gonzalez - 1st (Teen Divivion) and 1st (Adult Heavy Division)

*Note, Adam was the lightest guy in the heavy weight division weighing in at 175lbs!! Congratulations to our team for a job well done! You guys make me PROUD!!!!!!!

Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu welcomes our newest SPONSOR, Pete's Chicken-N-More. They have been serving the community for many years and this is another way of supporting the women of Corpus Christi for the 2006 Rape Prevention Seminars here at Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! Thanks, Pete's Chicken-N-More.

It is with great regret to inform you that Che Valdez will be venturing away from the academy.

Che and his wife, Dawn, have chosen to move to Austin where their new home is 98% completed.  Che will finish school in Culinary Arts where his dream of owning his new restaurant is not too far away from becoming a reality! For those of you who have never eaten Che’s BBQ, you will die unfulfilled! Just kidding, but it is tasty!

Che has been training with me for over 5 years and has won nearly everything he has competed in. Also, he participated in “ALL” Paragon BJJ events which included Rape Prevention Courses, BJJ seminars and he donated his time to teach Judo to all Paragon members for FREE! Yes folks….FREE!

This Thursday, July 28th,  from 6pm – 7pm will be Che’s last  Judo class. There will be NO BJJ class at 7pm…instead we’ll be headed to Chili’s for a get-together! Please be there no later than 7:30 p.m. so we can celebrate and wish a farewell to Che and Dawn for all the remarkable things they have done!

Che was and will always be a major asset to my academy wherever he may grow. Good Luck in the future and May God Be With You Always!

Check out the Video Section for updates on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and CH.3 News segment on our Rape Prevention Seminars.

Just a friendly Reminder that we are having a FREE RAPE PREVENTION SEMINAR this weekend at the academy (6313 Wooldridge Suite #8) Saturday 7-16-05, from 10am - 12pm. Tell your friends and hopefully we'll see you there!

The Texas Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation Summer Jiu-Jitsu Kids Tournament happened today in Dripping Springs, Texas.

ParagonBJJ Kids Team came out victorious with the 1st place Team Trophy! These kids put on quite a performance giving other Texas Teams a hell of a time on the mat! Noticeable standouts were Alex and Chris Rodriguez, these kids just started training with me 2 weeks ago and learned the fundamentals on what it takes to win and they did just that….WIN!

Alex Rodriguez - 1st
Dominque Martinez - 3rd
Katherine Flores - 4th
Chris Rodriguez - 1st
Francisco Rodriguez - 3rd
Dylan Gonzalez - 1st
Clint Gonzalez - 2nd (David and Clint Batteled it out for 1st)
David Cervantes - 1st
Rachelle Ramirez - (Won 1 and Lost to the "BOY" who got third without being tapped!)

Congratulations to our team for a job well done! Also Congratulations to Dominque and Katherine on their well deserved Yellow Belts! You guys make me PROUD!!!!!!!

Another Pan-American Champ will be at ParagonBJJ giving us a mindfull of techniques! ASA FULLER (Brown Belt under Cleber Luciano), this guy is a 2004 & 2005 Pan American Gold Medalist!

Winning his weight class and the open. He will be here this week rolling night and day with me and whoever wants to roll! Asa adds..."tell who ever wants to learn some great jiu-jitsu to show up and don't be late!" He will be doing a seminar this Saturday, July 2, 2005 from 12pm - 2pm for ONLY $20! Trust me I thought I heard him wrong but he is serious, only $20 for 2 hours! So be there and see you on the mat!

All registered students please check out the updated members section!

Plenty of updated news and summer specials that would benefit you tremendously over the next few months! Also find out how you could win a trip to sunny Santa Barbara, California and train with Franjinha and the rest of the crew! If you forgot your password please see me in class!


Our 10 day 2005 ADCC Trip was a blast!

The training was intense and California was beautiful! We were all along the West Coast, such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Pedro, Oxnard, and Long Beach. The tournament was unforgetable with talent from all over the world fighting nearly 10 feet in front of us (we had 2nd row seats). Tyrone's academy was NICE with talent all over the mat. Franjinha's academies was a "Champion Factory", with guys and girls and children tearing up the scene! Thanks to all who participated and look forward on doing this again in the future!

Oh yeah! Congratulations to Patrick Morales (Yellow Belt), John Ovalle (Blue Belt), Max Salinas (Blue Belt), and Derrick Garza (Purple Belt) on their well deserved promotions!

A special "Thank You" to Che Valdez for holding down the fort while I was gone, you are the man brother!

Paragon Competition Team tore it up in Houston this past weekend at the Texas International Grappling Festival bringing home 17 MEDALS!

All the kids did outstanding especially David Cervantes, this kid is “ONLY” 15 years old and was the nominated The Most Technical Fighter (6’ trophy). Not to mention Bill “The Grill” Cooper winning the belt for the Advanced Open Gi-Division. At the end of the day, after all the calculations we found out that Paragon BJJ team took 2nd place overall!

Josh Mettlach – 1st
Rene Pineda – 3rd
David Cervantes – 1st (Heavyweight), 1st (Open Class)
* Also Most Technical Fighter *

Rachel Ramirez - 3rd (Gi Light Weight)
Jeremy Loftin – 3rd (Gi Light Weight)
Ryan Ramirez – 3rd (Gi Featherweight), 3rd (No-Gi Featherweight)
John Pineda – 2nd (Gi – Open Class)
John Ovale – 3rd (Gi Featherweight)
David Cervantes – 2nd (No-Gi Featherweight)
* This kid entered the Adult division and gave the Adults HELL! Going into 2 overtimes in the final!
Adam Gonzales – 1st (Middleweight Blue Belt), 1st (Middleweight No-Gi)
Bill “The Grill” Cooper – 1st (Gi Lightweight), 1st (Gi Open Class)
1st (No-Gi Lightweight), 2nd (No-Gi Open Class)
* Bill had a total of 14 fights throughout the day with the majority all by submission! *

Paragon Judo Team dominates local Judo Tournament! With our team placing in 1st Place! Congratulations to Che Valdez for coaching his Judo team into victory!

Adam Gonzales - 1st Middle weight, 1st Open Class
Ryan Ramirez - 1st Feather weight
Bill Cooper - 1st Light Weight
Derrick Garza - 2nd Light Weight
* Ismael Arreola did not place but won several matches and losing to Paragon teammates
* Rachelle Ramirez was winning her first fight until she was thrown, by a man! Expect big things from her in the future!

One of Paragon’s finest players is coming to Corpus! Bill “The Grill” Cooper, this kid just won the USA vs Brazil Tournament at the Pan-Am Games in California AND just Won 3 Gold Medals at the Best of the West Tournament in California!

His record and his attitude speak for itself. This kid is amazing and will be here to help our team for the next 2 weeks! Franjinha produces great talent in California and here in Corpus! Bill will be conducting a Group Class, Friday April 29 from 6pm – 7:30pm for only $20! He will also conduct a 1 day seminar (Gi & No-Gi), Sunday May 1st from 11am – 2pm for only $55! These series of instruction will take place at the Main Academy in Corpus Christi. Don’t miss this opportunity to train with the #1 Ranked lightweight fighters in the United States! Did I mention he is only 17!

Since the demand for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been overwhelming in Corpus Christi… Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has another location in Alice, Texas!

Andres from Del Cielo Homecare has dedicated his life on helping others and looks forward on helping the youth stay off the streets and promote Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the most respectful way. That is why he got the best, Zebra Mats for the safety of our students! Check out the SCHEDULE for times. Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is training you to be the best in what life has to offer! Classes start April 4, 2005, so get there early!

Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu welcomes our newest SPONSOR, King of Sleep.

They have been serving the community for many years and this is another way of helping the kids of Corpus Christi have a self-discipline and positive life here at Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! Thanks, KING OF SLEEP.   


ParagonBJJ is producing some talent! One of ParagonBJJ, California's students <B>TYRONE GLOVER</B> has been one of four individuals selected throughout the World to fight in one of Mixed Martial Arts prestigious fighting events...<A href="">PRIDE!</A> This is huge news for ParagonBJJ and our head instructor <B>Franjinha!</B> Check out this link to <A href="">ADCOMBAT.COM</A> for more info!


On  January 13, 2005, The Corpus Christi Hispanic Chamber of Commerce officially opened Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu doors for business! There was a tremendous turn out with family, friends, students, and fellow members. Thanks to all who attended and especially to all who enrolled that day!

On January 15, 2005 Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu empowered the confidence of many more women from Corpus Christi with our ever so powerfull Rape Prevention Seminars. I am still getting calls from the women who participated with how it really touched there lives! See how you can participate in our next FREE RAPE PREVENTION SEMINAR!

Also on January 15, 2005 Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller performed what was one of best yet “Tournament Tested Techniques Seminar” Thanks to all who supported and left with a greater and stronger competition game!

Happy New Year!

Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu wishes everyone On & Off the mat a Prosperous New Year! 2004 was a successful year for our academy with our student ratio tripling since January 1, 2004. Now 2005 will be our huge target for a stronger Jiu-Jitsu & Judo Team! Come be a part of what will be a historical event on January 13, 2005. Our Grand Opening of our New Location! The Corpus Christi Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will officially open our doors with Ribbon Cutting at 5:30pm sharp! So mark your calendars and tell others! Special appearance by Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller, the man who made this possible!

Did I mention that Paragon BJJ will be offering FREE RAPE PREVENTION COURSES! Just another way Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gives back to our community without asking for a penny!


Merry X-Mas to all my students and family! Our student christmas party was a blast with TONS of food for everyone. Thanks to all who made it possible! Entertainment from our 13yr old "Clint", hit us up with some nice tunes on the guitar. Thanks and God Bless you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

Today was an emotional and intense day for some of the women here in Corpus Christi.

Father Joe at St. Joseph's Church and Tammy organized a HUGE & Successful Rape Prevention Seminar!  A special "Thanks" to the Ray High School Girls Softball Team for showing their support!  Again "Thanks" to all participants and to my students for all their support and for making this seminar a success!

Franjinha rocked the new academy with his highly demanded skills!

His 3 day seminar fulfilled the new academy with many new faces and old smiles! With the new opening of the academy he was speechless on the turnout and very impressed with the location and the professionalism at Corpus Christi ParagonBJJ! He will be back in January '05 for the Grand Opening!

He was so impressed with the children's program that he felt that many needed a promotion. Good going to all the "Little Panthers", you guys deserve it!

Now for the adults, Adam, Erik, Adrian, & John finally got their Blues, some were overdue and some were just too talented that they deserved it with a little over a year of training!

Finally, Che Valdez received his "Purple Belt"! This 2nd Degree Judo Black Belt was such and open-minded sport that he brought in Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu into his life to make him that much better of a fighter, instructor, and a friend of many! Congrats to the "Gentle Giant"!

I am so Proud to announce that ParagonBJJ took 10 of it's dedicated fighters to Houston this past weekend to compete in the H-Town Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament.

We brought home 7 medals! There was some tough competition there with fighters from all over Texas. The children's divison was much impressive with tons of little warriors going out there putting on an impressive show! Thanks again for the parent's support and my adult class! Results as follows:

Robert Arredondo Jr.(5yrs) - Fought two hard fights with a lot of heart!
Rene Pineda (8yrs) - Fought a 15yr old twice giving him all that he could!
Patrick Morales (10yrs) - 3rd place
David Cervantes (14yrs) - 1st place

Ismael Arreola (White Belt Middle) - Fought a hard and was ahead on points until he got caught.
Adam Gonzalez (White Belt Super Middle) - 3rd Place
Roberto Vela (White Belt Cruiser) - 3rd Place
Ralph (Blue Belt Heavy) - 2nd Place *Tied with Che to Split 1st
Che Valdez (Blue Belt Heavy) - 1st Place
Derrick Garza (Blue Belt Light) - 1st Place

We finally have our own place! Our new location is located at 6313 Wooldridge St #8.

This place is huge and located right next door to your home! We will have Tatami Mats from Zebra Mats, these are Olympic style mats and used for Pan American Games. We will have a shower, huge dressing rooms, and a Play Room for kids while you train, so that means NO BABYSITTERS! We will also have bleachers for parents or spectators to view their childs performance! Doors open October 4, 2004! Check SCHEDULE for new times. See you on the mat!

This past weekend was a blast with Batatinha!

He put on a clinic at our academy and showed us why his BJJ is much respected and represented! Thanks to all our students who showed up to learn some detailed positions that will improve our game tremendously!

Check out our newest link to our website, "SPONSORS".

We welcome Reaction Fitness, Phoenix Structure  Maintenance and Gallegos Signs to be our Proud Sponsors for 2004-2005. This is a major breakthrough for our academy! Look for bigger and better things yet to come, possibly a 3rd location! For more info on how to sponsor the “ONLY” Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy in Corpus Christi, Texas

School is out and Summer is here and classes are getting bigger and hotter, so come by and try out a free class for a week! Adults and Children are always welcomed at the "Only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy" in Corpus Christi, Texas!

Jeff Glover will be giving a bjj & submission seminar at the Sunrise Mall location.

May 29th (no-gi) and 30th (gi). Don't miss this opportunity to train with one of ParagonBJJ finest purple belts! Cost is cheap; $45 for one day or $45 for both. 1-3 pm both days! Thats right! CHEAP for some sweet halfguard moves and some tight chokes! All schools are welcomed so come out and support ParagonBJJ in Corpus Christi, Texas!

Franjinha's Seminar was a SUCCESS! With Jeff Glover was just an added bonus! Thanks to our whole team who showed up and learned some smooth chokes and sweeps! I am proud of you guys!

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Will Buck and Ruben Arredondo for there well deserved BLUE BELTS! That is one promotion in there life they will NEVER forget! Don't forget Jeff Glover will be here the entire month of May so take advantage and train with ParagonBJJ finest Purple Belts!

Franjinha is BACK!

The Top Instructor of Paragon BJJ and a seasonal competitor with a team of champions! Come check out another great seminar on May 1st & 2nd! This technical and intense seminar will take place at our second location, Sunrise Mall, 12pm - 3pm Saturday and Sunday. Cost is ONLY $75 for one day or $100 for both. Gi Required! Call the academy for more details or stop by and check out why ParagonBJJ in Corpus Christi, TX is the top Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu School in South Texas!

Also Jeff Glover (Purple Belt & 4 time Grapplers Quest Champion) from ParagonBJJ Santa Barbara, CA will be here in Corpus Christi all the Month of MAY! He will be here helping out while I am here being a father! Hope some of you out-of-towners can come by and check him out as he will be here for the Franjinha Seminar May 1st & 2nd!

Another addition to the ParagonBJJ Team, Baby Aurelio Isaac Gallegos III. Thank the LORD & MY WIFE FOR HE IS HEALTHY! Thanks to Hector, Derrick, Emmanuel, and Jeff for helping me out with the classes while I was away going crazy with lack of sleep, but it's well worth it! See you on the mat!

A NEW Schedule has come out for the Kids Classes! Also beginning this month is our Rape Prevention Course available for all women ages 10 on up! Check out both links to get a better understanding of how Paragon BJJ is improving it's academy, students, and REPUTATION for the past 5 years in Corpus Christi, Texas!

The academy just had a face lift with NEW MATS! Come by and check it out!

Cleber Luciano's VII Copa Pacifica went down smoothly this past weekend at the Estancia High School in Costa Mesa, Ca. Highlights included Ricardo "FRANJINHA" Miller win over the large and very good Taka from Judo - Japan.  

Draculino will be at Corpus Christi Paragon BJJ on February 7th & 8th, as part of his Texas Tour. This 2 day seminar will consist of gi & no-gi. Cost of the seminar is $70 (1 day) and $100 (2 days). It will be held at Lumampao Martial Arts. Check it out and hopefully I will see you guys there!

Paragon BJJ Competition Team traveled down to the Lower Rio Grande Valley Submission Fighting Championships. The tournament and competitors were a success! Thanks to Luis Benanvides from TEAM POUND for inviting us down. We took 7 guys down with MUCH success!

David Cervantes - 1st Place
Will Buck - 3rd Place
Rick Rodriguez - 1st Place
Emmanuel Arreola - 1st Place
Erik McKnight - 2nd Place (Tie for 1st to Emmanuel)
Romi Rodriguez - 1st Place
Jose Cervantes - 2nd Place (Tie for 1st to Romi)