Tips to use the Vitamin Patches.

These gummy substances often referred to as percutaneous, are an easy process to provide an amount of medicine, nutrients, or mineral to the skin. These work as adhesives, except when users put one on, the mixture of vitamins in the patchwork glue gets soaked into your body and then into your blood. Below are some tips to use PatchMD vitamin patches :

  1. By gently stroking the edge of the patch—not its corner—up with the tip of your fingers or thumb rather than its fingernail, you can detach the patch from under the lying sheet. Try once more on a different edge if the fix is falling away from the backing paper.
  2. Put the fix on a cleansed, moisturizer-free area of skin that contains little to no tresses. Application on moisturized skin may impede assimilation.

vitamin patches

  1. Whenever administering to a movable region, make absolutely sure the epidermis is fully stretched. Many people favor the left shoulder or thighs.
  2. Adhesive is NOT water-resistant.
  3. Consider removing after maybe 8 hours; prolonged wear can induce moderate soreness to delicate skin.
  4. The patch can be taken both day and night, while B12 Plus and Stamina Max shouldn’t be administered in the evening because they are too energizing.
  5. It is possible to wear several tattoos at once. It would be beneficial to change where they are placed.
  6. The adhesion of the patchwork can be made stickier by adding heat or to already lotioned skin.
  7. Please be advised that sunblock is not a substitute for the Solar Off patches.

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