A Common Pose Taught During Yoga Teacher Training

A big part of being trained to become a yoga teacher and spread the ancient wisdom to new disciples is learning really complex and advanced yoga poses once all has been said and is now out of the way. The reason behind this is that you need to work your way up to advanced poses as being able to do them can make the simpler poses a fair bit easier than might have been the case otherwise. These advanced poses are going to be quite different from what you might have gotten used to during the initial days of your training.

The thing that differentiates advanced poses that you might be taught during Marianne Wells Yoga Teacher Training from regular poses is that they are focused more on physical strength than flexibility. Most beginner poses are all about stretching your muscles, but when you get into the more advanced stuff you will really be starting to give yourself a workout. Just look at the headstand pose if you want an example. This pose is really strenuous and it can leave your shoulders feel utterly sore to the point where you might not even be able to move them all that much.

Suffice it to say that this is a pose that should be first attempted under expert supervision. Trying this pose out on your own might result in you pulling a muscle in your shoulder and neck, and the excessive pressure that it places on your spine means that even more serious injuries could occur as well. These injuries can cut your career as a yoga teacher short by a large margin so be careful when you start doing it.

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