Thursday, April 24, 2014

Women's Empowerment

Knowledge is Power!
Paragon believes in empowering women by offering FREE Seminars.


2012 State Champs!

The Gold Diggers is the name of our competition training program here at Paragon Corpus Christi! The "miners" strive for one thing...GOLD! Come join the team within our team.


Paragon Defensive Tactics

Paragon Defensive Tactics with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as the technical base that was oriented to the needs of the Military and Law Enforcement. 


Paragon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Benefits of training at Paragon...

  • Most knowledgeable, technical, and experienced BJJ instructors; we've been in business since 1998.
  • Largest number of training partners to improve your training game white thru black belt.
  • Only school in C.C. to offer the opportunity to train with world-class medalists.
  • Academy is available for training throughout the day for your convenience.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is more than a's a lifestyle.
  • Invest time in yourself: improve your overall health, de-stress, learn a life-long skill, and meet new people all while having fun.



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Congrats to all that traveled and competed in Irvine, California this weekend at the 2013 BJJ Pan Ameican Games....Great Performances by all that competed from Paragon Texas!

Erik Perez - Gold Purple Belt

Erik Perez - Bronze Purple Belt Absolute

Matt Hernandez - Gold Juvenile Blue Belt

Lora Hallock - Bronze Purple Belt

Alex Martins - Silver Black Belt

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Pearl Baez Paragon BJJThe IBJJF 2013 Houston International Open was held today with a great representation from Corpus Christi and Paragon Texas!

Pearl Baez - White Belt - Gold

Lora Hallock - Purple Belt - Bronze

Lora Hallock - Purple Belt Absolute - Gold

Erik Perez - Purple Belt - Silver

Erik Perez - Purple Belt Absolute - Gold

Danny Encinia - Purple Belt - Silver





Jimmy Lugo Abu Dhabi Paragon BJJCongrats to Jimmy Lugo from Paragon Corpus Christi on winning the Abu Dhabi Trials in San Antonio, Texas...he gets an all paid expense to Abu Dhabi Emirates to compete against the Worlds best Blue Belts!












Romi Rodriguez Black Belt Paragon BJJCongrats to the man whos started Paragon in RGV...despite all is injuries and operations...he never gave up his passion for Paragon Jiu-Jitsu..was very honored to present Romi Rodriguez his well deserveed Black Belt after 10 years of dedication...


















Adam Gonzalez Black Belt Paragon BJJCongrats to long time friend and dedicated student Adam Gonzalez for achieving his all time goal at Paragon for the last 10 years...BLACK BELT! Humble yet technical beast on the mat that shows the heart of Paragon in Corpus Christi...











Matt Hernandez Paragon BJJOur first tournament of the year was held in Spring, Texas by Fight To Win "Tournament of Champions 11"...Paragon CC put in work with lots of matches held all day..very proud!

Matthew Hernandez - Teen NoGi - 1st

Matthew Hernadez - Orange Belt - 1st

Lora Hallock - NoGi Advanced - 1st

Lora Hallock - NoGi Absolute - 1st

Lora Hallock - Purple Belt - 2nd

Lora Hallock - Purple Belt Absolute - 2nd

Christian Konoval - Yellow Belt - 2nd

Justin Garcia - Teen NoGi - 3rd

Justin Garcia - White Belt - 1st

Brandi Narvaez - NoGi - 3rd

Brandi Narvaez - White Belt - 1st